AP Mod Euro Tips & Tricks

AP Mod Euro Tips

beginning of the year– study hard read a lot. Frequentley visit APSTUDYHELP! Other than that you are good.

mid term exam– study hard for the test. This kinda determines (no it really determines) how you do on the AP exam. Trust me. Be sure to check out the quizzes page!

end of the year– try to stay motivated. I know it can be tough, but soon the study guides will be once a week and that can be tough to shell out 5 hours on a study guide every weekend.

AP Exam– Buy a study book. Go to all review sessions! DO PRACTICE MULTIPLE CHOICE! All that random stuff about some strike in Poland is going to be on the multiple choice so you better know it. Study recent stuff (everything after WWII). Most questions are placed in the period from 1800-1989 (everything before that is almost irrelevant) oh, also know all the random facts about the French Rev. too! Take a 5 hour power before the exam or else you will fall asleep (or do what ever you do before a long test).

If you get a bad score on the AP exam it was probably the multiple choice that got you not the essays.

btw I got a 4

This is a great book btw…


Thinking about next year (if you are currently a sophomore)…


Spoiler Alert: APUSH is just the same difficulty as Mod Euro you just don’t have to do study guides. The reading checks are hell in APUSH (actually, it depends on your teacher).



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