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                  Portrait of Niccolo' Machiavelli

                                                          (my main bro Nicollo)

I highly recommend buying the Princeton Review AP European History book before you take the test. The book has short paragraphs about every term or event that you will need to know for the test. The book also has several helpful practice tests. 

These are some cool links to check out on your journey through modern European         history.

Six Killer Apps- Niall Ferguson 

500 years of  Female Portraits

Baldesar Casiglione The Courtier 

La Vita Nuovo

Check these links out on how to write the perfect DBQ!

9 Steps to scoring a 9 on the DBQ 

Read these DBQs from real students who took the AP Modern European test to get a feel for what a score of 9 looks like.

Sample DBQs


Stay Classy My Friends



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